The Superior Air Quality in Private Jets Explained

June 8, 2022

N826RP InteriorThe quality of the air you breathe is very important. It will determine the state of the health of your respiratory system. After all, airborne viruses and bacteria are common causes of respiratory illnesses. As you plan your next flight, consider using a means that offers you the best air quality. Private jets offer this. The air in the jet’s cabin is clean and safe to inhale. How is this achieved?

100% Fresh Air Systems

Many private jets have a 100% fresh air system in place. Through this, the air in the cabin is entirely replaced every two minutes. The outside air is let into the plane through the engine. Here, it is compressed and then cooled before being let into the cabin. Harmful bacteria and viruses are removed and then the air is pumped into the cabin. It circulates here and after a few minutes, it is let out. The cycle continues ensuring that there is a continuous replacement of used air with fresh air from outside.

HEPA Filters and Recirculated Air Systems

Do you know how your car’s air conditioning works? By recirculating the air in the car, only mixing it with a small amount of fresh air. HEPA filters fitted on some private jets work in a similar manner. These are highly effective filters that take air from the cabin, clean it and mix it with some fresh air before releasing it back into the cabin. The actual amount of fresh air added will differ from one system to the other. HEPA filters are effective in removing 99.97% of contaminants. The main advantage of recirculated air is that the humidity and temperature levels are controlled easily.

Does the jet you charter use recirculated air with HEPA filters or 100%? You can find out by looking at the specifications of the model.

Low Occupancy Means Less Air Contamination

Which is safer? Flying on a 300-capacity airliner or a private jet charter that only carries the passengers you want? The air in a private jet is definitely cleaner than on a commercial plane. With low occupancy, the chances of viruses and bacteria filling the air are low. Since you fly with people you know, you are less likely to contact an unfamiliar illness on your flight.

The cabin on private jets is usually spacious and allows the occupants enough personal space. You will be breathing in the fresh air every time you inhale. A private jet is a way to go if you worry about the air you breathe in closed spaces.

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